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Collective Trust

You are on your way! You’ve got the ISSLC, you understand VISION, you understand the MISSION and you implemented SMART GOALS.  How will you get a staff, school, parents,students, and community to work towards this? You need COLLECTIVE TRUST.

Listen to an INTERVIEW with the authors.

In conclusion, the authors state nine important principals and practical suggestions.

1. Leadership generates collective trust.

*Make authentic behavior and openness habits of action.

*Stamp our artificiality and game playing.

2. Organization structure influences collective trust.

*Build enabling school structures.

*Avoid structural features that restrain and hinder.

3. School innovation and reform require collective trust.

*Make trust the linchpin of school reform.

*Use social support to create and nurture trust.

4.  Trust, efficacy, and academic emphasis create a synergistic sense of academic optimism.

*Forge a culture of academic optimism.

*Treat academic optimism as an investment in persistence, resilience, and achievement.

5. Positive and productive social interaction requires collective trust.

*Infuse trust as a persistent theme in the life of schools.

*Guard against any action that erodes trust.

6. Collective trust is salient for student achievement.

*Build collective trust as a platform for efficacy, optimism, parental outreach, professional community, and high expectations.

*Earn the trust of parents and students.

7. Collective trust requires risk taking and vulnerablity.

*Demonstrate benevolence, reliability, honesty, openness, and competence.

*Eschew secrecy and deal making.

8. Collective trust enhances cooperation.

*Establish the community as a partner in school affairs.

*Confirm collaborative and professional behaviors as the norm.

9. Collective trust shapes social capital and social action.

*Create and support authentic reciprocal interactions: They boost trust.

*Use social capital to promote school conditions that enhance student achievement.

“As principal, you are the BUFFER for your teachers.”-Professor Sandoval

“Trust is the lubricant to successful change.”-Professor Sandoval


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