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Style Baby…Style!

Okay so you sat down, you pondered… what makes you tick? Why are you in education?  And now MORE questions!  In order to be an excellent leader you need to know your style….

NO! NO! NO! Not that type of style, but as a visionary leader, I value your creativity. We want to look at how you work with other people and your strengths. What do you bring to the table? We discussed four different personality types. They have many different names but all reflect the same thing.

Are you ACTION? Do you have a "CAN DO" attitude? "Let's Do It!"


Are you CARE? Emotion and feeling based. "How does everyone FEEL about this project?"


Are you IDEAS? Do you see the big picture? Possibilities before acting.


Are you DETAILS? You want to know WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW before any action.

Take this simple personality test and think about your style.



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