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The Voices of Education.

Who are we listening to? Who are we reading? Who is impacting education and administration today?

How does empathy impact education, leadership and reform? Check out this short video for an idea on how empathy is changing society.

Empathy is changing things. The literature reviewed all reflects an attitude of empathy. One must believe that everyone deserves excellence in education. The titles of each book reflect this very belief. In this course we discussed:

Failure Is NOT An Option Alan M. Blankstein

Blankstein discusses six principles that guide student achievement in successful schools and how we can implement these ideas.

It’s Being Done Karin Chenoweth



Chenoweth will have you jumping up and down with excitement. She guides you through a series of studies at 90/90/90 schools and discusses why and how they created these schools. If you are unfamiliar with 90/90/90 schools, check this out.

90/90/90  Dr.Douglas Reeves

Basically, 90 percent poverty, 90 percent minority, and 90 percent at or above state expectations. Pretty amazing stuff.

The Adaptive School Robert Garmston and Bruce Wellman

These authors not only give the reader ideas but step-by-step show how to implement these tools to create change in school culture.

The Real Value of Teachers



This educational article references a multitude of ideas ranging from trust to No Child Left Behind to 90/90/90.  It challenges the reader to question if “good teachers matter”?

Collective Trust Patrick B.Forstyh, Curt M. Adams, Wayne K. Hoy

To sum it up, we need trust.

A Whole New Mind Daniel Pink

The value of the left and right brain and how it is impacting our society today.

Are you a right or left brain?

Good to Great Jim Collins

How do we move companies or in this case, education, to a better place? Collins discusses the Hedgehog Concept

the Flywheel

Encouraging people to work together to follow their passion and a single concept.

Each author emphasized empathy, trust and efficacy as a means to creating a successful school built on goals, with a strong mission and headed towards a united vision.

But what are the components of educational institution?

Culture: directly or indirectly drives everything that goes on in the school. Governance: Both formal and informal structures, power, authority, and control. Organization: schools resources, time space, staff, community, funding. Teaching and Learning: the purpose of the school, methodology, pedagogy and materials, student centered. Assessment: How the school measure success?


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