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At this point in your journey you should have a few things established.

1. You got STYLE, baby…

Self discovery and you respect the variety of styles.

2. You know your PEEPS!

Okay so maybe not these peeps. But you should know a few authors and who will be discussed in this blog.

How are you going create REFORM? Reform needs vision.  Vision is your heaven or Nirvana.  According to 

“A vision paints a picture of what we can become.”-Blankstein 

So what does your heaven look like? Blankstein, derived from Kotter (1996) than say that vision statements should be

  • Imaginable
  • Desirable
  • Feasible
  • Focused
  • Flexible
  • Communicable

Evaluative Questions for Visions?

  • To what extent is the vision statement future-oriented?
  • To what extent is it likely to lead to a clearly better future for the organization?
  • To what extent does it fit with the organization’s history, culture and values?
  • To what extent does it set standards of excellence and reflect how ideas?
  • To what does it clarify direction?
  • To what extent does it inspire enthusiasm and encourage commitment?
  • Is it ambitious enough?

A Sense of a Goose


Think about it. What will your VISION look like? Will you be dancing in heaven?

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