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Data head.

You built collective trust, you read journals, articles and books. Now what? What is going to be the reason you change? Your staff is pumped up to go! Barbara Coker herself has volunteered to lead the next program for improvement, your former intoxicated principal is willing to throw a party to celebrate your soon to be success but you need an academic game plan. Who do you go to?

You go to the FOX!


Nope. Not that Fox, but just as intelligent and ever so charming, humble and brilliant.  You go to Dennis Fox!




He will tell you all about using DATA to make decision that better your students and your school.  I,personally, feel that implementing data will benefit the entire school and build collective trust. I think that many people may get caught up in “teaching to test” or fear standards or data. In contrast, data should build you up. You learn where the areas of weakness and the areas of strength. I think it depends on perspective. If you are willing to grow and to help others, it won’t matter what your scores are but about the process of improvement.



Don't fear the test or data!

True data study will lead you to helping the students get better. I believe tests like the CAHSEE are good standard to have. Students should be required to have certain skills before they exit high school. I also believe that the CST scores are not the Bible of how we are teaching ,but isn’t it great to have a standard of what we can reach for and where students can be academically?


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